Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lost in translation, atleast 3 times.

Second day, first morning. I decided to have some breakfast, something I don't normally partake in but I didn't know when I would eat and it was free with my room. So that was nice, some bread and jam was about all I could stomach. This was shortly followed by getting incredibly lost. I headed towards the city to go and see a new show at the big gallery that is just about to re-open, they have a preview show which looked good. I decided it would be best if I headed down the same road I had used yesterday which had taken me to the tram station. But clearly my sense of direction that I was relying on is not all I thought it was cracked up to be and I wound up in fuck knows where, but it was very pleasant, as is the majority of Kassel, as I see it anyway. Once my barings were at last found, I got onboard the tram to take me into the city. Three stops down, this woman was speaking to me, I tried to explain I had no idea what she was saying but eventually I realised that she was the ticket inspector and I had thought she wanted my seat. So I stood up and started going through my pockets, looking like an irratic, scatty excuse for a man but it was no-where. It was what happened next which most surprised; out of no-where, this man said 'passport' so I looked at the woman and she seemed to know who this man was (he shall remain 'this man' as I didn't get the chance for introductions), so I got it out they looked at it then began discussing it, all I could understand was the word police.
By this point they were looking somewhat disgruntled by me and began pointing at me to stay seated as we ride down the line, through and out of the city to what looked like some sort of remote barren wasteland. Here the police were waiting for me/us, they then took my passport into their car, made a call whilst reading my deatails. What they were expecting, I'll never know, I don't think I look too threatening, if atall. He then asked if I'd slept on the tram all night, well no of course I fucking havent (I don't know the german for that and didnt know if he knew the English for it). Anyway, this sort of stilted conversation went on for about 5 minutes before they said I had to pay 40 euros, cleaned me out. What made me smile though was that I was given a piece of paper saying id been fined, afterwhich the policeman added 'that gives you one ride for free' as if it was some sort of conselation prize!

Anyway, my brush with the law aside, today has been another enjoyable one. My flat is fine, as in Winchester, I have landed myself a big bedroom but no living space and it's opposite a kebaby. It may just be me, but I cannot remember having a hail storm in England for atleast 5 years, today we had one, it was fucking awesome, until the wind changed and it was hitting my face.

Further translation differences have come on shop names ie; Cocklock and the bank Sparkasse. Both of which provided a smile.

For now, goodnight and sleep well.

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