Tuesday, April 13, 2010

I want to go to England to see how my old masters live now.

It has been nearly 2 weeks since I let you all know about my time in Kassel and so I thought I'd fill you in with all the gory details. It has relatively eventful, involving an almost broken foot, alcohol, kebabs, taxi drivers who rip people off, a Polish boy and an Indian legend, an Irish pub and a performance in a pub quiz that makes Laura look good.

I shall start with my nearly broken foot/ankle. It was due to alcohol and running, the two should never be mixed, I think that I should tell you all this now, as a word of warning. It is nothing like cycling drunk which is great fun, until you come off and put your hand through a shop window. No, drunk running is dull and not in anyway liberating. I was running for a tram at 1am, the last tram of the night, my long legs were carrying me as fast as they could and for moment I thought I was Morice Greene, I really believed that I was unstoppable and uncatchable by anything or anyone. What came next was agony, and an inability to walk let alone run like Morice Greene. I had fallen down a curb, which was stupidly high and unexpected, and had landed badly on my ankle. I hobble onto the platform, where the tram was just leaving and all I could do was watch in awe as the passengers who had made it went home. One taxi journey later and I was in bed passed out. My foot was unusable for the best part of two days and had a nice glow to it from the swelling.

All of this happened after the pub quiz at the Irish pub, which by the way, is an amazing pub, unlike any Irish/English pub I have been to abroad before. This feels like a good pub, I have described to some as The Black Boy but tidier and to others as a more cluttered O'Malleys. Our performance in the pub left much to be desired, coming last in an quiz that was in English was bad enough but the fact that we were the only English team was a blow upon a bruise. We did, however, win a bag of hot chocolate drinking powder.

As in freshers, the majority of my time has been fuelled by alcohol, but only because it is so stupidly cheap. A 6 pack is 3.99 and a pint bottle is 1 euro, I even discovered Kassel's very own cheap cider, it feels more and more like home as time goes on.

The Indian legend I have saved until last because he deserves more than a fleating comment in the middle of this. Supreeth, pronounced soupreet, has said some the greatest things I think I have ever heard and wears the greatest jumper imaginable. He is hilarious and has no idea he is even slightly humorous. Supreeth is the genius behind the title of this post, it was one of the first things he said to me and he said it in all seriousness and didn't see why I found it so funny. His jumper is a tight white v neck with an inch of hair coming out of it, it's as if he is always holding one of those static balls that you have at school. Radek, the Polish boy, and I find great amusment in winding Supreeth up. On this trip to a monument we went one, everyone was grouping together and taking photographs and Supreeth was given all of the cameras, this was my opportunity, I gave him my phone (for those of you who don't know, my phone is as old as the hills and hasn't even got a colour screen, let alone a camera) he spent the best part of 3 minutes trying to work out how to take a picture on it. As you can imagine, I found this very funny and eventually he realised that I was winding him up and laughed too. On the same trip he saw that all of the leaves had fallen from the trees and turned to me and said 'In England, do the trees have leaves or not?' Another quality question by an Indian legend.

I hope that you are all well and enjoying your reflective journals.
For now, goodbye.

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